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As if it was just a moment ago,

I would look at the horizon wondering what was beyond my sight.


…. "What dwells beyond that boundary?”..

..... "What is it like to hold my dreams in the palm of my hands?




When I started to chase that horizon,

I have crossed the rough roads of failures and sacrifices.

I  hardly overcame those past years, yet time overcame me easily and vastly. 

Now, I have gone so far,

and tomorrow, I will be unraveling new horizons for me to chase.

Then, I will stride with torches lifted high…

.....to light the world,

.…to make make my own niche,

.…to trek my dreams,

.…to conquer!!!



My quest, my battle,and my sacrifices

have not yet transpired to its payoff.

Days have passed,

but a new thousand years is set to dawn;

and the voyage of my life is soon to glide to its dusk.

And me, the voyager, will gaze at the daybreak

– the beginning of another life in a world of reality.

Onwards, I will stride to my life's ventures,

…… to aim for a paragon of excellence,

…… to become captain of our dreams!!!